Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our Darling Grandbabies

My husband and I are twice grandparents now. Our son and his girlfriend thought it would be cool and fun to make us grandparents early. Well, we didn’t take it too kindly, I tell you. After all, we’re still too young to be one, you see. Ha! Ha!

Hubby and I were crushed and greatly disappointed with our son when we learned about his girlfriend’s pregnancy. Both of them were barely seventeen at the time. Still babies themselves. Neither one was prepared for parenthood nor for any adult responsibilities. His girlfriend was already four months into her pregnancy when we were informed, which meant to us that the seed was planted when they were only sixteen years old. Too young, indeed.

Tensions mounted between our son and us, for which I had shed a lot of tears on the matter. There was also a time when the two lovebirds broke up and only gotten back together the day of their son’s birth. So, before our grandson arrived into our lives, there were tears of sadness, anger, and heartaches all around us.

When Gabe arrived, all of that seemed to have gone away. He had patched up our broken hearts and bridged our broken family together again. We love him very much. He’s such a joy to watch. He loves to get involved in conversations, even if he can’t articulate any meaningful words yet. He entertains us with his theatrical antics, smiles, and giggles. He's full of energy, and likes to get into E...verything. He’s now almost two years old and doesn’t know what to do with his sister.

Gabe at six months old

I said he gets into E...verything, right? Well, here he is in the next four photos.

Gabe at twenty-two months old. A budding pianist, perhaps?
Or, a singer in a band?

Or, the best Foose ball player?

Or, the best DVD rearranger?

Of course, our son and his girlfriend didn’t learn from the first time and thought it would be fun again to make us doubly disappointed with them. So, nine months ago, they brewed the same recipe and this month, presented us with another grandbaby.

Mereyah arrived a week late. I think she’s taking after granny in that department, ALWAYS LATE. Except with her, she started before birth. I hope that doesn’t continue, or else, she’d be reminded, “You’re just like your grandmother, always late!” I hate the thought of that. Poor child and I’d be turning over in my grave each time, too. I much rather her be likened to me for my good qualities (ahem): “You’re just as dependable as your grandmother who always keeps her words and never abandoning her love ones and friends. You’re just as loving and as caring as your grandmother who cries at everybody’s sad life stories, who gives comfort to anybody who needs it by lending her ears to someone else’s ranting, or by offering words of inspiration or consolation.” Or, “You’re just as generous as your grandmother who gives willingly and generously to those who are less fortunate than she.” Sorry about those bit parts. They're self-promoting, I know. But just ignore the thought. I'm just trying to make a point that granny (moi) has commendable qualities as well aside from her "late-eriosis" disease.

Anyway, Mereyah didn't want to leave her COMFORT INN. She was happy and content there. I don't blame her, since it's a jungle out here. But the doctor wanted to induce the delivery. She was almost born on the day of my surgery. Thank goodness, she had the sense to wait for me. She communicated with the doctor, via ultrasound waves, to hold off on the inducement. I tell you, even inside her mother's womb, she knew already who is important in her life. That's my angel. She okayed the inducement and then made her swift entrance into this big, big world two days after my surgery. By then, I was well and ready to meet her.

For now, Mereyah sleeps, feeds, poops, and sleeps some more. As the saying goes, she sleeps like an angel. See for yourselves.

Mereyah at few hours old.

Mereyah at one day old.

Even though my husband and I preferred for our son and his girlfriend to have waited until they are older, have stable jobs, and are married before having children, we can not just look away and ignore these grandchildren now.

What would you do if you are in our shoes?

Thanks for visiting and reading.


Shari Schmidt said...

Oh my, look at that hair! What a pretty baby. Congratulations.

tashabud said...

Hi Shari,
Thanks for stopping by and for commenting.


netta said...

How precious are they?

I know you wish things were different, but the truth is they were meant to be born -- and you wouldn't send them back now even if you could.

I am a new grandma, too. My daughter and her partner are not married, and I wish they were more financially secure. The truth of the matter is, they are responsible and loving people, and they have presented me with the most precious gift I have ever received. The circumstances are never perfect for having children; but they have to tread their own path. As a "noni", all I can do is love my new grandson and be there for him, and I am. I do. I adore him.

It's okay, Tasha. Things will work out the way they are meant to.



Kel said...

What darlings, how blessed you are.

Eric S. said...

What beautiful grand babies. I bet they are so much fun, even though they were unexpected. Isn't it amazing that babies have the abilities to mend broken ties. They are worth it. Thanks for sharing.

tashabud said...

Thanks Netta for those comforting and reassuring words. It's good to hear from someone who's in the same boat. Thanks for reminding me that things happen for a purpose. We do welcome our grandchildren with open arms even if they were not planned. We love them both very much.

Congratulations to you as well. Enjoy your time with your grandson.

Thanks for reading and commenting.


tashabud said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and for commenting. I've read at

Eric's blog that you just returned from China. Wow! that had to be an exciting trip.


tashabud said...

Hello Eric,
Yes, babies seem to have that ability. We'll surely treasure our grandbabies because they really are meant to be born to be with us.

Thanks for reading and commenting.


redchair said...

Well I would love to be in your shoes! Just to hold and love those beautiful grandbabies.

I know it must be hard. We all want so much for our children and can see all the opportunity they would have if they would just 'listen.'

But, we aren't in control of their destination. I think you're absolutely wonderful for loving, supporting and being a part of your son's and his girlfriend's life regardless of their choices. Some wrong decisions come wrapped in beautiful packages like
Gabe and Mereyah. Amazing huh?

tashabud said...

Hi Vikki,
You're welcome anytime to come over to hold them. Too bad you're too far away.

Yes, agree with your that some wrong choices come wrapped in beautiful packages. I like that. Netta just reminded me that things happen for a purpose. It's so nice to watch them grow and change. The best part is that I get to enjoy them, without the actual cleaning after them.

Hubby can't wait for Gabe to grow up, old enough to go hunting with him. Our son is not into hunting, unfortunately.

Thanks for coming by.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Tasha,

That was some news. You had surgery? and wonderful grand babies. You're getting old!!! ha ha ha!

I'm happy that all is well now. We have the same predicament . Now DIL is also on her 2nd baby when the first has yet to grow...lol...but well, there are angels being given to us. What can we do but welcome them.

I'm really glad you're back on your feet again. I've been missing you a lot.

Sorry too for dropping by just now. So many challenges at home and at work. But I still have time for my de-stressor-writing.

love ya.

tashabud said...

Hush, Jena, no need to remind me about getting old. LOL. BTW,
thank you for stopping by. I was missing your visits as well. I'm well now. The kids and the grandkids are doing fine also. Hubby left yesterday for Jackson Hole to accompany his hunting buddies on a bison hunt.

Yes, you're right about "they are angels being given to us. What can we do but welcome them." We can't be choosy about how they're presented to us. Things happen for a purpose.

Congratulations to you as well, GRANDMA! Hehe. Don't work too hard.


Karen Zemek, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Oh, they are adorable! I am giving you the butterfly award for your blog that you can pick up here: http://karenzemek.blogspot.com/2008/11/thanks-to-rebecca-for-this-butterfly.html

loveless said...

awww she is so adorable..you have beautiful grand babies

tashabud said...

Hello Karen,
Thanks for stopping by. I'll be right over soon. Thanks so much for it.


tashabud said...

Hi Joe,
Good to see you here again. I need to come over to your site soon. It's been a while that I haven't been able to visit. I bet you I have tons of reading to do, huh?


Shari Schmidt said...

Tag you're it! Visit my blog to see...

Poetikat said...

Shari sent me over. What adorable babies! I love the "dvd arranger" in the funky hat and the wee one is a corker (as they say in old, Ireland).

Lovely blog!


Nicki said...

Hi! I followed you here from "Two Times the Fun!" Your grandkids are beautiful. I am the auntie of three (count them... THREE!) children born in sort of unfortunate circumstances... one who was conceived when his mother was 16 and born when his mother was 17, one who was born while her mother was married to an abusive drug addict, and one who was the product of a "one-night stand." But I couldn't imagine life without any of them! So I know what you mean... even when the circumstances aren't great, kids are ALWAYS wonderful once you know them!

pam said...

Congratulations!! She does indeed look like an angel!

tashabud said...

Hi Shari,
I'll be right over.


tashabud said...

Hi Kat,
Thanks to Shari for directing you here. Thanks for reading and commenting. I shall come visit your site. I hope you come back again.


tashabud said...

Hi Nicki,
Oh, thank you for finding your way here through Shari. Your sister's story is very touching. In fact, one of the novels that I'm considering of writing in the future is just like the one of your sister's life story, which I'm thinking of writing in first person perspective.

Yes, indeed, no matter how we get presented with childres, nieces, or grandchildren, the children are still God's gifts.

Thanks again and hope you come back again. I'll be over to visit your blog soon.


tashabud said...

Hi Pam,
Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.


VH said...

They are both very lovely! Congrats! I'm sure all will work out just fine.

tashabud said...

Hi VH,
Thanks for your word of reassurance. That's what my hubby and I keep hoping for all of them.

Thanks also for visiting. I shall come over to visit your blog soon also.


siteseer said...

Take all the blessings as they come. My two kids waited til they had everything in order, education, marriage, house, blah blah blah. I thought I'd never become a Mimi. I like they way ours worked out, but if it had been different I would have accepted that just as well. Enjoy every minute and be thankful that they are healthy happy babies.

tashabud said...

Hello Siteseer,
Thanks so much for visiting again. I'm enjoying the grandchildren. They're doing well and growing like weeds. I shall come over to your site soon to read more of your adventures.


Tina said...

ah they are so cute. lovely pics

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