Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our Darling Grandbabies

My husband and I are twice grandparents now. Our son and his girlfriend thought it would be cool and fun to make us grandparents early. Well, we didn’t take it too kindly, I tell you. After all, we’re still too young to be one, you see. Ha! Ha!

Hubby and I were crushed and greatly disappointed with our son when we learned about his girlfriend’s pregnancy. Both of them were barely seventeen at the time. Still babies themselves. Neither one was prepared for parenthood nor for any adult responsibilities. His girlfriend was already four months into her pregnancy when we were informed, which meant to us that the seed was planted when they were only sixteen years old. Too young, indeed.

Tensions mounted between our son and us, for which I had shed a lot of tears on the matter. There was also a time when the two lovebirds broke up and only gotten back together the day of their son’s birth. So, before our grandson arrived into our lives, there were tears of sadness, anger, and heartaches all around us.

When Gabe arrived, all of that seemed to have gone away. He had patched up our broken hearts and bridged our broken family together again. We love him very much. He’s such a joy to watch. He loves to get involved in conversations, even if he can’t articulate any meaningful words yet. He entertains us with his theatrical antics, smiles, and giggles. He's full of energy, and likes to get into E...verything. He’s now almost two years old and doesn’t know what to do with his sister.

Gabe at six months old

I said he gets into E...verything, right? Well, here he is in the next four photos.

Gabe at twenty-two months old. A budding pianist, perhaps?
Or, a singer in a band?

Or, the best Foose ball player?

Or, the best DVD rearranger?

Of course, our son and his girlfriend didn’t learn from the first time and thought it would be fun again to make us doubly disappointed with them. So, nine months ago, they brewed the same recipe and this month, presented us with another grandbaby.

Mereyah arrived a week late. I think she’s taking after granny in that department, ALWAYS LATE. Except with her, she started before birth. I hope that doesn’t continue, or else, she’d be reminded, “You’re just like your grandmother, always late!” I hate the thought of that. Poor child and I’d be turning over in my grave each time, too. I much rather her be likened to me for my good qualities (ahem): “You’re just as dependable as your grandmother who always keeps her words and never abandoning her love ones and friends. You’re just as loving and as caring as your grandmother who cries at everybody’s sad life stories, who gives comfort to anybody who needs it by lending her ears to someone else’s ranting, or by offering words of inspiration or consolation.” Or, “You’re just as generous as your grandmother who gives willingly and generously to those who are less fortunate than she.” Sorry about those bit parts. They're self-promoting, I know. But just ignore the thought. I'm just trying to make a point that granny (moi) has commendable qualities as well aside from her "late-eriosis" disease.

Anyway, Mereyah didn't want to leave her COMFORT INN. She was happy and content there. I don't blame her, since it's a jungle out here. But the doctor wanted to induce the delivery. She was almost born on the day of my surgery. Thank goodness, she had the sense to wait for me. She communicated with the doctor, via ultrasound waves, to hold off on the inducement. I tell you, even inside her mother's womb, she knew already who is important in her life. That's my angel. She okayed the inducement and then made her swift entrance into this big, big world two days after my surgery. By then, I was well and ready to meet her.

For now, Mereyah sleeps, feeds, poops, and sleeps some more. As the saying goes, she sleeps like an angel. See for yourselves.

Mereyah at few hours old.

Mereyah at one day old.

Even though my husband and I preferred for our son and his girlfriend to have waited until they are older, have stable jobs, and are married before having children, we can not just look away and ignore these grandchildren now.

What would you do if you are in our shoes?

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Are You Sexually Active?

I kid you not; I was asked this question last Friday (a week ago). I wasn’t sure whether I heard the question correctly or not. After all, it is such a very personal and private matter that I was sure I misheard her. So I said, “I beg your pardon?”

“Are you sexually active?”

I immediately broke into hysterical laughter. I was at a loss for words! I was like, “Ah….what kind of a question is that?” I’m sure I was beet red from embarrassment about her question. I was laughing so hard, while apologizing to her for my reaction. “It’s just that I have never been asked this question before,” I told her.

“I’m sorry, too. But there’s just no better way to ask the question. I guess I could say, 'are you getting any?’” I erupted into laughter at that, too!

I still didn’t know how to answer her. But my first thought was, “It’s none of your business!” On the other hand, I could have acted like a smarty pants and said something like, “Well, I had sex with my husband last week. Would that count? And I really do like to be more active in that department, but it’s in the middle of a hunting season, so it just has to wait.” Instead, I opted for the simplest of answers. “Yes.” Ooh, that word sounded obscene, all fo a sudden.

What prompted this question anyway? The woman I mentioned earlier is a nurse. She asked me the question when I went to the hospital to do my pre-op tests. I know that she just wanted to make sure that I am not pregnant before I was to be given a general anesthesia or any medication that might be harmful to a fetus. But I still think that there was no reason to ask that kind of question, since the doctor already ordered a pregnancy test on me. That should have been enough. That was all that they did on women patients in the past.

I thought we were done until she asked me another question. “Are you taking any street drugs?”

“Excuse me?”

“Are you currently
taking any street drugs?”

I must have looked like a druggie or a junkie that morning for her to ask me that question? Okay, I may have been acting silly and a little out of sorts that morning. It was because her first question prompted me to laugh hysterically and was still laughing when she asked me this question. On top of that, I worked the night before my appointment with her at 10:45 a.m. So, I was sleep deprived! This, however, didn’t mean that I was under the influence of any legal or illegal drugs! For heaven’s sake! Besides, studies show that lack of sleep tend to make people act as if they're under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

How would you handle or respond to sensitive questions; such as, these?

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