Thursday, August 7, 2008

Remember When

I know that Father's Day is long passed, but as I said before in my Unspectacular Quirks post, I'm seldom punctual. So, today, I'd like to dedicate this post to the love of my life.

Hon, I know that I haven't been a perfect wife, but still you loved me unconditionally. Out of the young and gorgeous women in your life who wanted to be with you, you chose to be with me instead. Young, naive, and poor as I was, you took me into your life and showed me the world. You loved and nurtured me, patiently, until I blossomed into the woman I have become who can truly give and reciprocate the love you so deserve.

We've had our ups and downs along the way as many married couples have. But I admire you in your steadfastness and commitment to our marriage, even when, at times, I'd like to leave and just throw everything away.

Within the first year of our marriage, I asked you to send me back home to the Philippines. Having never been away from home and away from my family, I felt homesick and despondent. Even at 22, you had the maturity to tell me to give ourselves a chance, before resorting to what I'd asked of you. From different cultures and backgrounds, you and me, you thought we needed time to adjust and to get to know each other better.

When you first learned that we'd be parents, you were ecstatic, beyond comprehension. As much as you loved hunting and other outdoor sports, you gave them up to dedicate your time to fatherhood. The children's activities with school, martial arts, basketball, volleyball, and soccer games had replaced hunting and other outdoor sports you loved doing with your friends.

Almost thirty-one years of marriage, two children, and one grandson and a granddaughter on the way later, you're still standing by me, loving me and supporting me while I achieve my dreams and goals in life.

I dedicate this post to you, my love, along with this beautiful song by Alan Jackson--
Remember When. And if the time of my demise arrives before yours does, I'd like for you to play this song at my funeral to remember me by.

With All My Love,


Eric S. said...

Tasha, That's very sweet. Sounds like you have a wonderful husband, and generous relationship. I think he's a lucky man also.

Eric S. said...

No problem on the award, take as long as you need.

Jena Isle said...

WOW Tasha, what touching , nostalgic and heart warming post. I cried a river thinking about the same events in my life. I'm not as lucky as you are though. This post opened up long pent up emotions of melancholia. I'm happy everything went well for you.

All the best to you and the family.

Eric S. said...

Tasha, Thanks for your comment, I agree completely. Check my post comments to see what I mean. Have a great weekend

tashabud said...

Hi Eric,
Thanks for reading and commenting. He sure is a wonderful husband and father. I'm not saying that he's perfect, but who in the world is perfect? No one that I know of. However, he's never wavered in his commitment to our marriage. I learned from him just recently that he never had any thoughts of leaving or giving up when things between us were not so great.

You're this type of person too, Eric. I can sense and feel that you have the same personality traits and moral values as my husband's. Blame it on my woman's instinc, I suppose. Hehe. Who knows, your wife could have written a similar post about you if she was writing a post, honoring you. Have a great weekend.

Eric S. said...

Wow, Thank you. I don't know what to say except your husband is a lucky guy.

tashabud said...

Hi Jena,
I'm so sorry that my post made you cry. I truly feel your pain. I wish I were there to at least give you a hug to console you. But you know, it's good to let out all those penned up emotions. Crying a river, sometimes, is a very good way to release them. I hope that you feel much better after your cry.

BTW, did you listen to the song, and did you like it?


tashabud said...

I meant to say "pent-up" emotions, not penned up.

Matthew S. Urdan said...


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Lilly's Life said...

Tasha - what a fantastic tribute to your husband - I am sure he is a lucky man as well. I love positive stories so keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

That is an awesome tribute. Kel

VH said...

Great post! 31 years married and in love...awesome!

tashabud said...


Thank you for pointing out Google Analytics to me and for giving me the address of the Technorati Authority. I appreciate all your help with your blogging tips and knowledge.

tashabud said...

Hi Lilly,
Thanks so much for stopping by and for saying those very kind words.

tashabud said...

It's good to see you here again. And thanks for your great comment. After 30 years, I would hope that I've finally learned the deeper meaning of true love! LOL.

tashabud said...

Thanks for visiting and leaving me a nice comment. I can't wait till you open up your own blog, so I can at least come by to reciprocate your visits and comments.

mbudzi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mbudzi said...

Howdy Tootie, These folks are absolutely correct - indeed, I am one lucky man! It takes two to make a marriage work and the pleasure has truly been mine! Thanks for the kind words, but so much of what you've accomplished has been a result of your own hard work and perseverence. I've just been around to enjoy it. Seems like it was just yesterday when we first went out for some tacos and iced tea... All my love, Hon. :o)

loveless said...

great women a very hard to come by . it sounds as if your husband has been very lucky to have found someone as special as you to spend the rest of his life with

tashabud said...

Oh, Hon,
Thanks so much for visiting and commenting in my blog. I'm thrilled. Yes, it seems like it was only yesterday that you and I had some tacos and some iced-tea on our first date. I still remember you playing The Carpenter's song "We've Only Just Begun" on the jukebox at the restaurant. I was happy because this song happens to be one of my favorites at the time. Have a great day, hon.

Love Ya,

tashabud said...

Hello Loveless,
Thanks for your kind words. I appreciate you stopping by. I think that the trick to a long relationship is a commitment from both parties as my husband says. When you find that woman who is equally committed to your relationship, don't ever let go. It's not at all a bed of roses. Both just have to weather the bad times and treasure the good times. Good luck to you, loveless. You'll find true love when you least expect it.

By the way, your artwork are interesting and unique. I enjoyed reading your short poems as well. I'd like to officially Welcome you to the Blog World!

Jena Isle said...

Hello Tasha,

I'll be including this article for the Inspirational book. I will copy paste in to my site tomorrow, if you have some revisions just inform me.

Will that be okay with you? Thanks.

tashabud said...

I would be so thrilled and honored.
Thank you so much.

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