Sunday, July 20, 2008


I’m sorry friends if I seem to have neglected you this week. It’s just that this week has been so hectic for me. My friend and coworker SB and I have been going to the gym or to the park to exercise or walk after work. Then after that I would have breakfast with my sister one day, lunch with hubby one day, visits with my grandson and his mom couple times, attend to my elderly neighbors, do yard work and housework, and run lots of errands here and there. I also hosted a baby shower yesterday, and last night my hubby and I double dated with our daughter and her boyfriend to go to see “MAMMA MIA!” the movie. By the time I know, it is time to go to sleep and then to work! Today, however, I’m off! YAY! But before coming to make my rounds, I’d like to tell you about “MAMMA MIA!”.

For those who don’t know “MAMMA MIA”, it is one of ABBA’s songs which is also the title of a musical show and now a movie. And if you're not familiar with ABBA, it was a popular Pop group from Sweden that started in the 70’s and kept active into the 80’s. The ABBA’s songs inspired the creation of “MAMMA MIA!” the musical show, which made its debut in 1999. With the success and popularity of the musical show, it inspired the making of the movie version. This year, the movie version opened in the theaters yesterday, Saturday.

This is a story where a young woman is about to get married. It is also a love story between two young people, but it mostly tells the love story between the young woman's mother and her father. The young woman is also interested in finding her father, whom she's never known. She happened to find her mother’s diary and found names of three possible fathers. She sent each one an invitation to her upcoming wedding, which really complicate matters. Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Collin Firth, Stellan Skarsgard, Julie Walters, Dominic Cooper, Amands Seyfried, and Christine Baranski star in the movie. In the musical show and in the movie, ABBA’s most popular songs are showcased where a song is sung for each corresponding scene.

My husband and I saw the musical version of “MAMMA MIA!” last year in Las Vegas when we went there to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. Yes, you read it right. 30th wedding anniversary! I know, having reached this milestone in my marriage and having reached 50 years of age, I truly feel old. LOL. No wonder why I fantasize about wild romances for my stories, eh? I have lived such a normal and non-controversial life (which I’m so glad for in real life) that I write and create stories so controversial, juicy, and full of glamour for my novel, which is so opposite to my own. Hehehe. Anyway, enough of these diversionary talks and must get back on track with the movie.

After being awake all night and all day, we decided that I should sleep first before going to the 9 pm show. When we walked into the theater, there were only six other people there. They looked like about my husband’s and my age. So, my daughter and her boyfriend were the only ones in their 20’s there. I was very surprised that the place was not packed, considering it’s the opening day. My husband and daughter, however, pointed it out to me that there are other theaters in town showing the same movie and also that we went to the last showing for the day. I suppose they made sense. After 15 min. of advertisements and another 15 min. of movie previews, the movie finally started.

The movie opens with a solitary image of a woman in a small boat. The woman disembarks from the boat when she reaches the beach and then goes to a mail box to drop off 3 envelopes. Her face is then shown as she sings the first song of the movie. It turns out that she’s the young woman who is about to get married. From that point on, the movie takes off with its packed-full of singing, dancing, and with all the outlandish acting by the main characters, lending lots humor to the movie.

The music and dancing is so contagious that I almost went to the front to start dancing. I just didn’t want to embarrass my husband and my daughter. Even in my chair, I still moved my body, tapped my feet and fingers to the beat of the songs. I also cried during the wedding scene. The scenery of Greece where the movie was filmed is as captivating as the movie, and Amanda Seyfried’s singing is beautiful. I also liked the scenes where the locals have participated.

In conclusion, even if Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan didn’t have the best singing voices, the movie is still a real fun and a feel good type of movie to go to see. It is pure enjoyment and entertainment, in my opinion. It is funny, entertaining, poignant, and oh so romantic. I definitely recommend this movie to everybody


Matthew S. Urdan said...

Agreed! Mamma Mia! is the most unabashedly joyous, exuberant and fun movie you will ever see. It's not great theater. It's not Oscar Material. Nor is it meant to be. It's a celebration of life, a celebration of living, and a celebration of 22 of ABBA's greatest hits.

If you want to laugh and escape and have a great time, this movie is for you.

Tasha, please send me your email address so I can send you the code for the Free Comments Defense League Blogroll.


Jules said...

Oh Tasha!
I am exhausted reading about your day! ha
I'm so glad you loved the movie.
I plan on seeing it as soon as I can escape from the drudgery of my day to day work life. Maybe this weekend!

Thanks for the lovely review of Mama Mia!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Tasha,

Told you I'd visit.

I plan to get out this week to see "Mama Mia" ~ as I am a Meryl Streep enthusiast in a BIG way. I like a good meaty review and enjoyed yours.

Dig you catch Meryl's performance in "A Prarie Home Companion?" If not, I hope you'll consider renting the DVD and settling in for a couple of good cries and a ton of laughs (from soft giggles to great big, cathartic belly laughs).

But then, Meryl is brilliant in anything thing she does. She releases her own ego completely and surrenders herself into each character absolutely. From the "French Lieutenant's Woman," to "The Devil Wears Prada," and everything in between I am constantly awed by, and grateful for the depth of her artistry.


VH said...

I will have to check this movie out:)

Lilly's Life said...

Tasha - thanks for that review. I love Abba and I cannot wait to go and see the movie. Meryl Streep looks as though she had so much fun in this movie - what a wonderful actress she is. I will be practising a few Abba songs in preparation!!!! Oh and take a rest you poor thing - you are doing way too much by the sound of things.

Jena Isle said...

Mama Mia is till not showing here...but now that you recommend it, I'll watch.

It's good you were able to spend sometime with the family. They are the people you care most about so it's only proper that they are your priority.

Take care and regards.

tashabud said...

Matthew: Thanks for stopping by to add your wonderful review of Mama Mia. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I agree, this film is not Oscar material, but oh it is just pure fun to watch.

Thanks also for sending me the code. I'll try to install it today.

tashabud said...

Jules, yes I was exhausted too. That was why I slept when I could, instead of blogging. You won't be disappointed with Mama Mia. Let me know what you think after you see the movie, okay?

tashabud said...

Kel, thanks for accepting my invitation and for commenting. I must see "A Prarie Home Companion?" I've never heard of this movie. I like all the mushy type movies, so I should like this one. Do you have a blog yet? I'll come visit if you do.

tashabud said...

VH, I'm sure you'll like Mama Mia even if your interest is Sci-Fi. Did you go to see the last Batman movie, yet? Many bloggers say it's the best, so far.

tashabud said...

Lilly, will you be going to get up and dance? I almost did. Hehe. I can already see you now playing your ABBA CD and singing along while doing your hair or while blogging. Thanks for commenting.

tashabud said...

Hi Jenna,
As long as you go there to be entertained and not to go there to review the acting and singing, then you won't be disappointed. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Yes, family is the most important, and I'm glad you agree.

Eric S. said...

Well I guess I'll just have to go out and rent it. By the way, 30 years wow, congrats, you don't see that much anymore.

I see Kel came by, she likes to throw people for a loop and sign under different user names, LOL.

Talk about making some one tired, I think I may have to take a nap after seeing what all you had to do last week.

tashabud said...

Eric, It's better to see it in the big screen, I think. You and the wifey will have a reason to go on a hot date on a weekend, you know. She'll be loving you more for it. Wink,wink. Just ask your sister, and she'll agree with me.

I have to agree with you on the 30years of marriage as a rarity these days. We almost feel as though we're an anomaly. It's okay though because we feel blessed and we're happy. Thanks for congratulating me for it.

I'm glad your sister accepted my invitation. It's nice to read what she had to say.

I hope you did take a nap after reading my post. Acoording to you, you don't sleep very much, so a nap would be very good for you. Hehe. Have a great day.

Jena Isle said...

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I have also added your widget to my side bars.

Cheers and happy blogging.

Just telling it like it is said...

I'm not much of a musical kinda girl but that Meral sounds beautiful

tashabud said...

Jena, thanks so much for always thinking of me. You're almost my promoter out there. I'm forever grateful.

I did go visit Entreview. However, I'm not too sure what I'm suppose to do when I get there. Am I suppose to vote on a blog while there? Also, I'm not too sure what the blog site is all about. I'm clueless actually. Please enlighten me. Thanks again. Hugs.

tashabud said...

Just Telling It Like It Is,
So good to see you here again. I'm not too fond of many musical movies either, but this one is sure fun. I think you'll like this one if you ever consider seeing it. And it would look so much better in the big screen, I think.
Stay cool in the dessert. Thanks again for visiting and for commenting.


Ahhh! I can't wait to see it! It sounds right up my alley! By the way, you can print anything from my site anytime!

tashabud said...

Heidi, thanks for stopping by here. Please let me know what you think after you see the movie.

Thanks also for allowing me to copy health tips from your blog. I'm off to your site to print some of them now.

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