Sunday, July 13, 2008

Four Things

Jules at “Arduous Nimcompoop" blog ( tagged me. I don’t particularly like tags. But this one looks fun and easy, I said okay. Of course the four answers just didn’t make it for some of them. You’ll see that I’ve given more than four answers to some of the questions. So here goes:

Four jobs I've had:
1) Convenience Store Salesperson/Cashier
2) Waitress
3) Air Force Medical Laboratory Technician
4) Medical Technologist

Four movies I can watch over and over:
1) The Sound of Music
2) Grease
3) Back to The Future
4) George of the Jungle (with Brendan Fraser)

Four places I've lived:
1) Florida
2) Nebraska
3) Texas
4) North Dakota

Four Pet Peeves:
1) Arrogant, Self Centered, Snob People
2) Rude and Impatient People
3) Lazy and Negative people
4) People Who Don’t Keep Their Words

Four TV shows I love ( Except for Fox News sometimes, I don’t watch much TV anymore, so I have to list the ones that I used to love to watch):
1) Star Trek (the original one)
2) Jeopardy
3) Little House on the Prairie
4) The Six Million Dollar Man

Four places I've vacationed:
1) Glacier National Park, Montana
2) Disney World and Busch Gardens, Florida
3) The National Parks in Southern Utah
4) Niagara Falls, New York and Canada

Four of my favorite dishes
1) Spaghetti and Pizza
2) Steak and Potato
3) Filipino Food and Other Oriental Food
4) Ice Cream, Cheese Cake, Apple Pie and Apple Cobbler

Four sites I visit daily:
1) Google: GMail, Blogger
2) Entrecard
4) Work site

Four places I would rather be right now:
1) Hawaii
2) Australia
3) New Zealand
4) Being A Successful Published Romance Novelist and Living Independently Wealthy (LOL)

People I tag: I’m not going to tag anyone, but everybody’s welcome to tag herself or himself. Just let me know, so others and I'll be able to come and read it in your blog. If you don't want to post it in your blog, post it in my comment section. It's good to know a little bit about our blogging friends. I'm sure you agree?

Thank your for reading and for participating.


VH said...

Hey, "Grease" is a great movie! "Back to the future"--another great one.
Question: Of all the places you have lived, which one was your favorite?

I agree with all of your pet peeves.

I see we have something in common--we are both Trekkies.

I would love to visit Glacier National Park in Montana. And The National Parks in Southern Utah.

tashabud said...

VH, I'd have to say Cheyenne, Wyoming. We have 4 seasons. The winters are fairly mild compared to North Dakota. The summers are not as hot as Nevada or Southern Texas and not humid like Nebraska or Florida. There's no income tax here. It's only 45 min. to Fort Collins and 1.15 hrs. to Denver if we want to experience the big city life, yet still come home to the small city living. It only takes me 10 to 12 minutes to get to work and not much traffic to deal with. It's wide open here, so I don't feel cramped, and I can see for miles to see the view beyond. If I want to see trees and mountains, I only drive 30 min. and then I'm there.

However, I think Dallas is so beautiful. When my family and I vacationed in Galveston, Houston, and San Antonioa a few years back, we went through Dallas and it seemed not as hot or as humid as other parts of Texas. It appeared to me that because of its geographical location that it is well protected from drastic weather conditions. I believe there's no income tax in Texas also. When the time comes that my hubby and I retire, and if the our kids don't live here anymore, that's where I'd like to go. Maybe.

I strongly recommend Glacier National Park and all the national parks in southern Utah if you haven't been to any of them yet. The landscapes and sceneries are oh so breath-taking.

It's good to know that you like some of my movie and show picks and agree with all my pet peeves. This shows that we do have a bit in common. I'm not a die hard trekkie, though, as some. We went to visit the Star Trek museum in Las Vegas and our kids had pictures taken with some of the costumed trekkies there. Actually my hubby and daughter are more into it than I am because they stayed with the different generations of Star Trek while I only followed the original one.

Jules said...

Hey Tasha!
Thanks for playing!! hehehe
Hey, that's a good idea, not to tag but let folks decide if they want to participate.

I love your movie picks too.
I laughed out loud when I read the TV show. It reminded me of the movie where Brendon Frazier lived in that shelter with he parents and when he came out he was light years behind the times!

I actually work in Dallas. You are right, it is not nearly as humid as Houston. It would be cool for you to retire here. We could hang out and yap all the time! bah!!


Jean9 said...

tashabud...thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my blog. I have my post ready for this tag, but I didn't really want to put it on my lapidary queens site and I was having trouble coming up with people who would do a tag, so great idea not to tag. I have another blog that I have not been promoting so I am sitting on the fence as what to do, whether I should put it on that blog. Its not that I don't like tags, but decided not to put them on my main site. I will be back later today to read more of your novel! and to drop my cards, I am washing windows at the moment...

VH said...

Hey Tasha,
Thanks for your response; a lot of great information. My wife and I may relocate some day (California is terribly expensive) and we want as much options as possible. Also, the vacation spots you mentioned sound lovely. Interesting about Dallas--I must visit there.

Eric S. said...

I'll have to think about taking up the tag. I too am not real fond of them, but some can be fun. We have more in common than I thought. I love Star Trek, all of them. Did you know that they are talking of closing the Star Trek Experience in Vegas. That is one place I would like to see

Jules said...

Hey Tasha,
Just dropping in to say hi!
Love your new pic on your EC!

tashabud said...

Jules, I'm glad to know that you like my movie picks. Oh, I also love "Blast From The Past" movie if that's what you're talking about. I can watch that over and over too. Actually there are more movies that I can watch over and over like "Top Gun" and more.

Is it Dallas you have to go to work and drive over 200 miles everyday? Hey Jules, since you actually are from that area, perhaps you can educate me and others about the area. Is the cost of living very expensive there?

Thanks for stopping to just say Hi. I'm happy to know you like my avatar. The photo was taken at the Arches National Park last year. The one I use for my novel site was taken between Durango and Silverton in Colorado during the same trip. In that trip, we went to southern Utah and then went to southwestern Colorado to ride the narrow gauge train that runs between Durango and Silverton. Oh well, email me sometime and we can chat more.

tashabud said...

Jean, thanks for stopping by and fr taking the time from your busy schedule just to comment in my blog. I enjoy visiting your blog to oogle on your wonderful creations. You're one very talented lady. And thanks also for reading my novel. Leave me a comment there also anytime you find something that tickles your fancy. Thanks again.

tashabud said...

VH, Jules tells me that she actually works in Dallas. She would be the one to ask from about the area if you're interested. I would imagine that California is very expensive to live in. But then again, perhaps the wages are compensatory to the cost of living there? Colorado is very beautiful also, but the cost of living there is also high. There's income tax there and the sales tax is about 7 to 8 percent. Wyoming's sales tax is only 5% to 6%. Well, good luck on your quest for a better place.

Thanks again for commenting in my post.

tashabud said...

Eric, so good to see you here again. It appears you had been so busy lately, according to your latest post. I don't know how you find time to do all that you do and still work 15 to 16 hrs. Whew. Just reading your post, made me feel very tired already. I haven't commented there, yet, but I'm going to later.

So you're a trekkie, too, eh? I love that show. But for some reason, I couldn't get into the newer generations. You should go and visit the Star Trek Experience before it is closed. There's a ride there that simulates being in the Starship Enterprise. Very cool. It's too bad that it's going to be closed. This is the first time I hear of it. Goodnight.

Shari Schmidt said...

I love this. I'm going to start tagging people!

tashabud said...

Hi Shari, it's good to see you here. You may tag me, but I just won't pass them on. Hehehe. Thanks for visiting.

Petula Wright said...

It is great to get to know more about our blogging friends! I like your answers!

BTW: You really think I should use my name in the title? Hmmm... I'll mull that over.

Oh, another BTW: I love your pic! :-)


It is so great to get to know you. I love reading your novel! I am addicted to it so I think it is just a matter of time before you are a famous published romance novelist!

Lilly's Life said...

Yes Tasha soon I will be able to put you down as one of my favourite authors. I like all the things on your list too!

tashabud said...

Hello Petula,
Thanks for commenting. On your blog name, I do believe that your name should be a part of it. Your name's uniqueness also adds to the intrigue.

tashabud said...

Heidi, thanks for your faith in me. It does feel good to think that I will one day reach my dream.
You're a great author yourself. Your articles are all of professional quality.

tashabud said...

Lilly, I believe you and I have more in common than we know. You and Heidi sure boosted my ego for having faith in me in making it big. It's really good to think of it this way. Thanks again for stopping by.

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