Friday, June 27, 2008

I’m in Heaven

There I was, checking out my Entrecard drops inbox, and then I saw it. It’s a newbee in my place that I haven't seen before. It's saying "VISIT US TODAY". I took it's meaning literally and accepted the invitation right on the spot. (I know, I should be wary of strangers, but what the heck, it looked pretty harmless with its inviting face, how bad could it be?) So, I clicked on it and paid it a visit. I wanted to thank the owner or owners for dropping me an Entrecard. When I arrived there, I liked what I saw. The blogsite’s design and layout are impressive. It has many bells and whistles, arranged in a very organized way.

No one seemed to be home at the time, so I let myself in. I opened some doors and peeked through but still didn’t see anybody. I took the liberty to roam and browse around like a snoop while the homeowners or rather the blog owners were away.

I learned that the owner goes by the name of Eric S. He's married to someone who loves to play video games. He says that this works out pretty well for them. At least they don't fight over the computer or the TV. He with the computer and she with the TV. From what I gather, they breed and raise Chihuahuas. In fact, Eric’s avatar is a Chihuahua.

I was in a bit of a hurry at the time, so I quickly went to read his latest post. Poor him, he was in misery with a toothache. He wrote a very nice post. I wrote my thank you note and then left. I wanted to read more, but work was calling for me.

A few days later, I went back to see if Eric saw my thank you note and to read more of his posts. Just like before, no one was home. I let myself in and started reading his post. I was impressed with his style of writing and what he had to say in "Mondays Awesome Writers of The Web"--dated June 23, 08, so, I kept on reading. Then all of a sudden I was reading something about The Big Picture—A Novel”. "Woow, this is me and my novel he's talking about!"

It turns out I was reading an independent and unbiased review about my novel. I was pretty blown away by what he had to say about my novel. His words levitated me and sent me to heaven. I was walking on clouds, for days. I’m still in heaven and haven’t come down to earth, yet. I’m very glad now that he had a toothache (sorry Eric), even though I felt bad for him at the same time. Otherwise, he would not have discovered my novel. Hehehe. What surprised me also is that he never left any comments in my blogsite before, until yesterday, that is. So for me to read such a great review about my writing is pure heavenly.

I’m so ecstatic to share this terrific news to everybody I know, so here’s the link if anybody’s interested to see what Eric had written about my novel that's making me go gaga. LOL. While there, you might want to read “About the Author”. It’s an excellent and an interesting read.

Thanks again Eric for the great review you gave my novel. I can’t thank you enough.

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