Friday, May 9, 2008


I haven't seen a Psychiatrist in my entire life, yet. But I might have to see one soon. I can just see myself having this conversation with one.

Dr.: What brings you here?

Me: I came here to seek help for my addiction.

Dr.: What sort of an addiction?

Me: I think I'm addicted to blogging.

Dr.: Blogging?

Me: Yes. Blogging.

Dr.: Can you elaborate more?

Me: Well, it all started with a friend wanting me to visit her blog site. She wanted me to write something. So I did. When I first attempted to write in the comment section, though, the darn thing just kept rejecting me. You know, like the way you get rejected by somebody else? I got frustrated. Dumb me, I didn't see the place where I was suppose to log on or sign up. Didn't know that I had to first sign up for a GMAIL account and then to sign up for a Blog account. WHEW! My friend, owes me big for having me go through all that trouble, just so I can blog her. Or, should it be the other way around, now that I'm having a time of my life, blogging? Sorry, doctor, did I say too much already?

Dr.: No, no. You may continue. I'm still taking notes.

Me: At first, all I did was going to my friend's site to read what she had to say, then read comments from her guests. I enjoyed reading her posts and of her guests' comments. I soon learned that by clicking on a guest's blog's name in the comment page, I could go to that blogger's site. When I found a screen name that sounded cool or interesting, I clicked again. I read their profile, their posts, then their guests' comments, and then wrote my own comments on the ones I found interesting. I kept on clicking away, repeating the same process. By the time I knew it, I got lost in cyber space, losing my way back home.

Dr.: So, then, what did you do?

Me.: Fortunately, I wrote my blog address down, before getting lost. I typed my blog address in the web and walla! I was home. A month later, my friend asked me where my postings are. I said, "What postings?" She said, "You have to write something about anything, then I'll come by to blog you." A bit pushy, isn't she? She was asking way too much of me. It seems like a lot of work to do. After all I'm suppose to work on my novel if I want it finished the end of May.

Dr.: You're writing a novel?

Me: Yes. It's my first attempt.

Dr.: What's the title?

Me: "The Big Picture". Actually, this is just the tentative title for it. I can't decide whether to call it The Bastard, The Author, Forbidden Love, or something else.

Dr.: What Genre?

Me: Romance.

Dr.: Ah....I prefer medical suspense or action/ drama myself. Romance novels, to me, are just smutt stories written for lonely women. I'm not much into chick flick stuff.

Where were we? Lets continue on with your blogging problem.

Me: (Who asked you? Jerk! Romance novels, to me, are just smutt stories written for lonely women. Hah! Whatever! But.(followed by a big sigh)...I'll have to get on with the program. After all, this guy is getting paid $150.00 an hour. Maybe more, if he's in California or New York).

Dr.: At what point did you think that you are addicted to blogging?

Me: I wrote my first post and then followed it up with a few. When I became a little more adept at going in and out of my site to visit other sites, that's when I found out I'm addicted. Now, that's all I do after work. I can't stop. I have to visit all the nice cyber friends, I've met, to chat with them before going to sleep. My house and yard work are being ignored. My husband feels ignored. And my novel has been put in the back burner.


Jena Isle said...

He he he, who's that friend huh , Tasha? I see you've got a live visitors' roll too, why don't you get a site meter too??It will encourage you to post more when the site meter shows visitors have increased.

And have you claimed your blog? Go to google tools and google analytics too. Just type in the search engine these two topics and follow the instructions (don't despair when you fail the first time you follow the instructions, it took me several failed attempts before I finally succeeded). Blogging is fun and hey, you meet friends all over the globe and learn new things from them. More to come, little by little does it. Happy blogging!

tashabud said...

I believe you know who she is. So did you like my post?

Jena Isle said...

Yes, Tasha, it's a good read, lends a personal and different approach. It describes exactly how I feel right now. Keep posting.

Matthew S. Urdan said...

Tasha, thank you so much for your comments. It's great to see that others agree with some of the people on my list. And YES, I AM a living, walking, talking Almanac! It's very kind of you to notice. ;-)

Jewels, thanks for your comments. They are definitely very valid. That's the crux, really. As long as there is human point of view, perception, and interpretation, the discussion can continue indefinitely. Ultimately, that is why my list will be different from your list and different from Matt's list. What influences us does so because of who we are and the experiences that make us who we are. Maybe music doesn't influence you because you haven't needed it to. But for me, I needed it to. ABBA and Fleetwood Mac wrote music of couples going through divorce when my parents were going through their divorce. Trust me, their music helped me get through that difficult time. Music, people, events all influence people in different ways. It's one of the beauties of each of our own uniqueness.

Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt...

We're going to have to agree to disagree on this one. I think we've both said our peace. But I do want to point out that I never even hinted at mentioning Katrina. Of course, there are many people to point fingers at. but since you brought it up, three years before Katrina hit I saw a Discovery Channel program on the levees and disappearing marshlands surrounding New Orleans. The special highlighted that the disappearing wetlands and marshlands made the city far more vulnerable to a hurricane. The Army Corps of Engineers was working to restore the wetlands, when the funding to do was cut off by the Bush Administration in order to provide the American People with a tax break. Three years prior to Katrina. OK, so after paying countless billions in the aftermath of Katrina, New Orleans is still not safe from another Hurricane, and what we saved in a quickie tax break, we have more than paid back since. While it might not have been George Bush's decision per se--it could have been Karl Rove's or Condaleeza Rice's, or Scooter Libby or Donald Rumsfeld or his budget guy--I don't know nor care, ultimately, the buck does stop with the Bush Administration on that one. And if George Bush didn't know about it, someone that he handpicked and put into position to know such things should have.

OK, can we hug now? ;-)

Matt said...

Tasha, this post is hilarious. I could see myself having the same discussion. It is very empowering to meet and interact with so many people all over the world and share views and ideas. Just don't wear yourself out!! lol Keep up the good work.

tashabud said...

Jena: Thanks for your patronage. I always enjoy hearing from you, and thanks also for all your tips.

Matthew S.: Thanks for visiting my site. I know it's not up your alley, so thank you for visiting and leaving me a note to read.

Matt: Thanks for your compliment about my post. It's nice to hear what others, like yourself, have to say. I try to make my postings light and easy. I'll visit your and the other heavyweights' (not physical weight) blogs for the heavy duty stuff; like politics.

Jenaisle said...

Hey Tasha, do critique also the short story I wrote at this site:

Thanks and see you.

Jenaisle said...

Tasha where are you?

Lilly's Life said...

Tasha - this post was hilarious and so true. I think all bloggers can identify with this. I sometimes get annoyed that my life is interrupting my blogging. I am so busy with work that I just do not have as much time anymore to post. Yet I have all these ideas running through my head. Love your sense of humor, totally on my wave lenght. And cannot wait for that novel. Way to go!!

tashabud said...

Jena, I visited several of your sites and did critique your short story. Didn't you see it? I believe mine is at the very bottom of the comment page. Thanks for visiting. I do visit your blog sites everyday and read your postings. I don't leave comments all the time, but I do make my rounds to the ones who often visits me also.

Lilly, thanks for visiting and for complimenting my post. That's exactly what I was aiming for- for it to come out as a humorous piece. And if you and Matt found it hilarious, then I believe I have accomplished my objectve. As always, I enjoy hearing from you.

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