Monday, May 19, 2008


Yep! You read it right. Half a century old specimen! Right away, you're asking yourselves, what dinosaur specimen is Tasha talking about? Not so fast, my cyber friends. Half a century may sound like a prehistoric age, but not in my dictionary. And the dinosaur specimen you are thinking of is me! Sad to say, but true. I'm already brooding over this milestone I have reached. So, don't make it any worse than I already feel. Besides, dinosaurs are full of wrinkles; not me.

I'm officially 50 years old this month, and already, I received a welcome message from the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). Do you know that according to the AARP, I'm already a senior citizen? Unless I start cashing in on my senior citizen discounts, I say, I'm still a JUNIOR citizen. Lol. How could this group say that I'm already a senior citizen when everybody I know thinks otherwise? Anyway, I should not fret what AARP says. I trust what the people around me say.

The Saturday before my birthday, my sister treated me to a nice breakfast at Shari's Restaurant. My sister came by the house at 9:00 a.m. She and I left my husband and daughter playing Rock Band--my husband with the guitar and my daughter with the drums. When we arrived at Shari's, we ordered our food. We drank lots of coffee with tons of creamer. I looked outside and it was snowing heavily. "For heaven's sake!" I said, "It's in the middle of May!"

"That's Wyoming," my sister said. "Don't you remember one year? It snowed in July?"

"It must have been one of the years we were vacationing somewhere." We drank some more coffee. In between sips, we chatted and gossipped. We took our time eating our food. By the time we knew it, it was already 11:30, and the snow finally stopped.

We left Shari's and drove to the mall. We shopped till we dropped. I bought a lot of clothes, and they were all for me. It was kind of selfish of me, I know, but I was enjoying myself spending money just for me that day. So, spent, I did. When we finished, we stopped at one of the food places at the mall and ordered some icecream and some pretzels. The time was already 3:00 p.m. We were suppose to get our nails done, but with me not having slept from working the night before and still having to go to work that night, my sister decided that she should take me home so I can go to sleep. I agreed.

While unlocking the front door, I could feel my body was so ready to crash on the bed as soon as I got inside the house. But as soon as I opened the door, I was greeted with a: "Surprise!" The house was full of people. Our neighbors were here. Some people from work were here. Relatives were here. And my friends were here. My first reaction was total shock. I cried. I never once suspected that my husband was giving me a surprise birthday party. My sister and daughter were in cahoots with him all this time.

My husband and daughter had to work triple time to clean and decorate the house and then to pick up the food and beverages. Yes, my husband gave me 50 balloons. I'm glad he didn't give me 50 different gifts to unwrap. It took me at least an hour to unwrap the 49 gifts he gave me last year. So, I told him to please Not to do the same this year. As much as I appreciate receiving presents, that was a bit much.


Jena Isle said...

He he he... Tasha, Happy birthday! The years seem to pass so swiftly. You look 3o...(ehem). That's sweet that your husband still remembers it, after all those years. Wish you all the success and happiness in life.

BTW, I have tagged you. This is to maximize your site's exposure. Visit my The Little Children blog( click it from my any of my blogs) and read about it. Thanks.

Matt said...

Tasha, happy belated birthday!! That was so cool of your husband to have the surprise party for you. You are a lucky girl! And I agree with Jena - you look 30. I hope you have another 50 and that they are just as good for you!

tashabud said...

Jena, thanks for the birthday wish and for your gracious compliment. Yes, the years have certainly passed by swiftly. I'll see about this tag thing. I'm not sure who to tag.

Matt, thanks also for stopping by to wish me a belated happy birthday. You didn't have to agree with Jena. She's stretching the reality a bit. Anyhoo, thanks so much.

Jena and Matt, I wish I were a famous author already, I'd say, I'll be sending each of you an autographed book for your kind compliments. Since I'm not, please accept my sincere thanks.

horatio salt said...

happy birthday ;-)

Lilly's Life said...

Happy Birthday, Wow you look fantastic and that is a beautiful picture. Besides, you join some great company, Madonna, Michelle Pfieffer, Sharon Stone - it's funny the whole aging thing isnt it? Why are we so obsessed? 50 is the new 30. Your day sounds perfect and what a wonderful husband and daughter you have.

Shari Schmidt said...

My husband also received the AARP mailing. I wanted him to join because AARP has GREAT travel discounts. He won't admit he's turning 50, though. Happy, Happy birthday.

tashabud said...

Horatio, Thanks for the visit and thanks for the wish. Please do visit again.

Lilly, so good to see you here again. I see that you're back from your self-imposed exile. Thanks for the nice compliments. Unfortunately, the only thing I have in common with the women you mentioned, is being in the fifties. I'll come by to visit you sometime soon.

Shari, long time no see. I'm glad to see you here. I understand that having twins and a full time job do not give you a whole lot of time to visit others, so thank you for taking the time to come by.

About your husband, I know what he must be feeling and going through right now. To me, turning 50 is quite a traumatic experience, psychologically. Right now, he needs a lot of TLC from you.

VH said...

Happy birthday! You don't look a day over 30:)

tashabud said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tashabud said...

vh: Aw shucks. You and the others truly made my day. It was sweet of you to stop and say that. Thanks again.

Jules said...

Tasha! I'm so sorry I missed wishing you a happy birthday on time!

So, I am gracing you with a song....(cover your ears)

Happy Birthday too youuuuu
Happy Birthday tooooo youuouuuu
Happpppy Birrrrthday Dear Tash-a
Happppyyy Birrrrthdayyyy tooooo youuuuuu!
And many morrrrrrre.....

You are gorgeous!

Matthew S. Urdan said...

Happy 50th! I still have six years to go to reach that milestone, and it doesn't seem possible. I mean, just yesterday I was four. Really, I was. Anyway, it's just another day, you're only as old as you feel!

and yeah, there's nothing like the Aurora...the most spectacular one I've ever seen was in Fairbanks, Alaska in the middle of January. It was 50 below out and these awesome lights were dancing all across the sky. It was spectacular and scary in a very otherworldly sense. It's like reaching up and touching space. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on Wednesday.

tashabud said...

Jules: that was truly a music to my ears. You did sing that and not your goat, right? He, he, he. Thanks for stopping by to sing me that song and thanks for your flattering compliment. All of you made this half a century woman feel really good. Thanks again.

Matthew S.: Thanks for visiting and for the well wishes. Yeah, I keep telling myself the same thing you said about age, but can't help but feel old when the body says otherwise. I agree with you about the aurora borealis, they look so spectacular in a ghostly, spooky way.

BoBo said...

OMG! I'm so sorry I didn't get by sooner! Happy Belated Birthday! I've been so busy with my own blog and with preparations on migrating it that I didn't really take time during my crazy EC dropping days to actually read anything!

Again - so sorry! I promise to keep up in the future!

BTW - migration is complete! Well - sorta - still moving over the sidebar stuff. With the added functionality of moving to wordpress - I'm not using widgets - everything is manual and by code - so it takes a little longer.

I have you on my blogroll - it'll show up once I get it all over there. In the meantime - could you do me a favor? Could you please update my URL on your blogroll? Just remove the "blogspot" from the middle. I appreciate it! it should read as now.

tashabud said...

Bobo, I'll do that right away. Thanks for stopping by again. I like this blog screen logo of yours better than the old one. Good luck still in your migration.

Matthew S. Urdan said...


Thanks for your kind words regarding both my Father's Day post and 7 Song Meme Post.

To add Youtube is really easy. When you find a video and it plays, over on the right side of your screen is a code that begins < embed >...copy all of that code and paste it to where you want it to appear in your blog. It is 425 pixels wide, so your main post area must be at least that wide to accommodate to the youtube video.


tashabud said...

Matthew S. Urdan: You're very welcome. You really did make me teary-eyed with your post about your Dad.

I mus tell you that I'm so ecstatic to be able to install some musical video in my "The Big Picture" site. Many, many thanks to you. You made it possible for me, now that I know how. Have a great weekend.

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